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“The one thing that strikes you about the promoters of [Heritage Realty Group] is their sense of pride. Quite like an hotelier has of his property. The most visible evidence of this is reflected in the quality of construction. As a result, I have already been offered a price for my apartment substantially higher than what I paid for it – and I haven’t even moved in yet! I am getting ideas… if had spare cash, I would invest in a [Heritage] construction to grow my money.”

– Satish Oberoi, Client


“Earlier, the area was full of warehouses. Now with a property like this [Heritage Mayfair], which has brought quality people into the neighbourhood, the value of the pin code has increased.”

NC Dutta, Client


“I chose to trust them [Heritage Realty Group] with the purchase of one of the highest period properties in Kolkata because I was convinced of their fiscal strength, straightness in dealings and extreme decency. Even before moving in, I am recommending them to my friends.”

Pramod Jain, Client


“In a world where most real estate promoters back out of their commitments after handing over apartment keys, [Heritage Realty Group] comes across as a breath of fresh air. They attended the first couple of meetings of our residents’ association to smoothen proceedings and arbitrate on contentious issues. What I liked was that they talked straight and called a spade a spade, something that I am not accustomed to from promoters.”

Qamar Siddique, Client


“I have seen promoters and I have seen promoters. In this connection, I would rate [Heritage Realty Group] as ‘A’ class because of their workmanship, ethical commitment and ability to customize apartments to individual needs. It is always a pleasure to market their properties.”

Pawan Agarwal, Marketing Agent


“[Heritage Realty Group] has the organizational strength and the systems in place to control quality of construction at every stage. It is such a pleasure to work with them: they execute a project exactly the way it is dreamt! It is indeed remarkable to see a builder going overboard in spending money that would otherwise have gone into making bigger profits, simply to add value to project.”

JP Agarwal, Architect 


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